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Enlightened Fanatic meditation office womanThis is a place for contemplatives, front line visionaries, solution seekers and enthusiastic change junkies seeking active involvement through the choices they make. It's a space where new realms of possibility are invented, transformations occur and an extraordinary life begins.

Let's face it. It can be crazy out there.

Where? Your home. At work. During school. With the kids. In the bedroom. In your own brain - that one is probably the most cra-cra. So isn't time you found your sanity? Your adventure? Your dream world? Your peace?

What? You don't have time?! Ah, we've got you covered.

One of our goals is to bring you quick, smart and approachable solutions to creating a healthier and inspired life, surrounded by a community of the same. Much of what can be done in 10 minutes or less.

Whether it be at home or at work, Enlightened Fanatic will take you on a journey of the mind, body and soul that will help you easily develop your own conscious insight bringing you naturally to your next level of being and living your most inspired life.



Needing a little bit more fill, we've got that too. Thirty minutes, half days, weekends, and week-long solutions that will soothe your soul. Whether is be a DIY project at home or you join us for a day of Soul Sailing, you'll be sure to find something that fits perfectly into your lifestyle and that can be done with ease, giving you a sense of confidence and accomplishment. There will be secrets, mysteries and much more revealed.

Blissful Woman Enlightened FanaticOur intention is that you find peace of mind by being happy, healthy, energized and inspired!

Coming soon we will be filling up these pages around topics, such as:

  • Soul Junkie
  • Wonder World
  • Body Love
  • Buddhist Professional
  • Smart Choices Now
  • Him, Her, Us

We are all here because we know anything is possible. The time is now, my love. Let's do it!

Please check back soon as we are in the process of developing our website! If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to connect with us!

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